Castor Oil For Thickening And Regrowing Hair, Eyelashes And Eyebrows

 Castor oil as a remedy for thin hair, also reducing scar tissue, shiny, smooth lips.
How does castor oil help you grow hair?
This oil is highly rich  in ricinoleic acid-very effective natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.  It keeps any fungus or bacteria from inhibiting hair growth.  Oil is also very thick, and prevent hair loss simply by  coating  the hair and protect it from falling out.It also has a high gloss which gives lush glossiness and shine to the hair.
Regrowth of hair
Put  two drops on your hands and rub, and smooth through  the end. There is a fine line between subtle shine  and  very heavy greasiness so if applied too much , go very light until you figure  amount that works right for your hair type.Regrow the hair on your head, by  use castor oil as a scalp treatment. You can add  melted coconut oil, or apricot kernel oil or another lighter oil to help spread the castor oil.
Castor oil for scar tissue reduction and shiny, smooth lips
It softens the skin so much, this softening helps to break down deep scar tissue and it may be smoothed out.  Moreover, castor oil is white blood cell stimulating agent.  This oil helps reduce the inflammatory response in subcutaneous tissue.  It speed wound healing, and contribute to reduce scarring more quickly.
Castor oil is also excellent for the lips as protection against the elements. Although our lips regenerate and recover quickly. But ,also get dry out and begin to peel when dehydrated. It also used  a natural shine to the lips-  it is  ideal for  improving the appearance and health of the lips.

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