The Almighty Garlic: 5 Uses For It You Have Not Heard Off!


amazimg garlic

  1. Helps to fight against athletes foot

Garlic has antifungal properties and helps fight athletes foot or fungal infection that you can get from walking barefoot in the changing rooms, bathrooms and other rooms with wet floors. In order to fix the fungus in warm water put some crushed garlic or garlic powder and soak your feet.

You can try to get rid of the fungus by crushing a couple of cloves of garlic and putting them in a cotton sock and let it work overnight. The procedure should be repeated six days.

  1. It is a natural medicine to fight acne

Garlic has natural antibacterial properties and may be able to help with acne. Simply cut out the garlic cloves and hover over the acne. Do not smear the whole face, but only the top of the acne. Repeat several times a day, and the garlic should make your acne disappear.

  1. Strengthens Your Nails

In addition to the many beneficial effects on the health of the organism, garlic also has this beauty effect on your nails. If you want to strengthen your nails prone to cracking, get some finely chopped garlic and put it in a transparent nail polish and allow it to stay for seven days. Then apply the nail polisn, and the result should be firmer and stronger nails.

  1. Helps with ear infections

Garlic can help with an ear infection, of course only for external use. Natural healers have used garlic since ancient times, and its effective properties are worth trying out with an ear infection.


  1. Disinfects and Cleans

If you like home cleaning preparations for spring cleaning you can certainly use garlic. Crushed garlic, mix with some vinegar and lemon juice and use it as a means of disinfection in bathrooms and kitchens. Vinegar is an excellent decaling, garlic disinfects, softens and the lemon gives a pleasant scent.

In addition, garlic can be a natural pesticide that will protect your garden. Small pests do not like garlic, and to get rid of them you can make a natural pesticide with garlic, a little mineral oil, water, and liquid soap.