She Drank 3 Cups Of Coffee In 1 Day, This Is What Happened To Her Breasts

In a recent research, a group of researchers discovered that drinking only three cups of coffee per day can make the women’s breasts shrink! It sounds incredibly and unbelievably! Nearly 300 women took part in this research. They were all surveyed when it came to their measurements and the number of cups of coffee they usually drink on a daily basis.


In the research, the researchers revealed that only three cups of coffee on a daily basis are more than enough to start making breasts shrink. Another thing it was revealed was the fact that these effects of coffee were increasing for every cup of coffee. It was confirmed by the group of researchers that there is a clear relation between drinking coffee and smaller breasts. About fifty percent of the surveyed women had a gene that has been known to connect breast size to coffee intake.

Helena Jernstroem, an experimental oncology lecturer at the Lund University in Sweden, has stated that coffee consumption can have key effects on breast size. According to Helena, women who drink coffee should not be worried about that, as their breasts will not shrink overnight and disappear in time. They are just going to get smaller.

However, these study results cannot help you tell which women are coffee drinkers just by their bra size. The problem here is that bra has only two measures: the girth and the cup size. This is why you won’t be able to tell. In all honesty, there is more than just bad news for women. In this research, the group of scientists has also discovered that regular caffeine intake can help women reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. It was also discovered that the effect of regular coffee intake is linked to its influence on estrogens – the sex hormones in women.

We should also mention that some ingredients found in the coffee can alter the women’s metabolism, so they can acquire a better configuration of different estrogens, thus lowering the actual risk.