See How To Recognize A Stroke, And Do Not Forget It



A neurologist says he could remove the effects of stroke if he can get to the person concerned within 3 hours. Says the trick is to recognize a stroke within three hours, and it is simple.

Heres how you can recognize someone having a stroke:

  1. Ask the person to smile (he will fail)!
  2. Ask the person to speak a simple sentence (for example: Today is a beautiful day.) He will problems pronouncing!
  3. Ask the person to raise both arms (will not be able to or only partially)!
  4. Ask the person stick his tongue out (if the tongue is bent, swings from one side to another, it is also a sign of a stroke)!

If a person has a problem with one of the above steps, immediately call an emergency and describe the symptoms.

Cardiologists say, if we share these information to at least 10 people, be sure that a life can be saved.