Skin Icing Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Skin



All you have to do is take a few ice cubes in a thin hand towel or cloth. As the ice begins to melt, apply it to your skin evenly for 2-3 minutes until your skin is cold to the touch.

Here are the ways that skin icing can improve the appearance of your skin:

1. Icing your skin causes the skin to contract, making it look smoother.

2. Icing your skin causes pores to constrict, making them easier to clean out. Icing your skin before applying your makeup helps foundation look smoother and flawless.

3. Ice constricts the blood vessels in your skin, and as a result, less blood goes to the surface of the skin. The body then responds by gradually sending an increased flow of warm blood to the area. This process strengthens blood vessels over time.

4. Icing your skin will also reduce puffiness under your eyes by reducing swelling.

5. Because of the tightening of the skin, reduction in pore size, and improved circulation, skin icing can ease the signs of wrinkles. Skin icing can also prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

6.Rubbing ice on a blemish or a pimple can help reduce swelling and the redness. Using ice cubes at the first sign of a pimple will reduce inflammation. All you have to do is hold the ice on a blemish or pimple for a few seconds or until the area feels a little numb. Ice the blemishes every other night.