Frightening McDonalds Facts That Will Turn Your Stomach

You just woke up resuming the last nights party and all those drinks and cocktails. Not to mention that headache. The first thing that probably came across your mind is a large and juicy hamburger, and McDonalds seems like the best choice.

Well, read this article, and hopefully you will change your mind, at least when it comes to choosing hangover foods.


McDonalds meals are unhealthy, packed with a lot of salt and calories, but that is what most people like. It was never considered as a healthy option, and people are not surprised when they are told that these sandwiches are high in calories. We have listed some of the most disgusting facts about these delicacies, and we bet that you did not know anything about them…

1. In McDonalds they use ammonium sulfate to mass-produce the bread. This may not sound frightening to you, but what you do not know is that it is also used to kill insects and fertilize soil. Can you imagine what it does to your body?

2. McDonalds chicken nuggets are delicious and childs favorite when it comes to their Happy Meal. However, the nuggets are loaded with dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicon oil often used in the production of contact lenses and other medical items. This would definitely make you think twice before going for some extra nuggets.

3. This one will sure keep your hands away from the Big Mac. In McDonalds they use Cysteine-L to flavor the meat and soften the bread. It is an amino acid that is synthesised from human hair or duck feathers. The list does not end here, and the worst is about to come…

4. Many of McDonalds delicacies contain TBHQ. It is potentially lethal, but the FDA allowed the use of this additive, as much as 0.02 percent of the oil and fat.

5. Believe it or not, McDonalds meals also contain Propylene Glycol. It is a chemical often contained in anti-freeze and e-cigarettes.

6. Anti-depressants are also added to the poultry feed. So, do not be surprised if your next McDonalds meal makes you a little happier.

We hope that now all your Big Mac cravings are gone. Have you ever thought that the best hangover remedy is probably in your kitchen?

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