Each Finger Is Tied To Two Organs: A Japanese Method of Healing






Organs: belly and spleen.

Emotions: depression and anxiety.

Physical symptoms: skin issues, abdominal pain, headache, nervousness.

Index finger (forefinger):

Organs: kidneys and bladder

Emotions: fear, confusion and disappointment.

Physical symptoms: issues with digestive system, toothache, muscle pain, back pain.

Middle finger:

Organs: liver and gall-bladder.

Emotions: anger, impulsiveness, hesitancy.

Physical system: blood circulation issues, menstrual pain, decreased vision, fatigue, migraine, frontal headache.

Ring finger:

Organs: lungs and colon.

Emotions: negativity, glumness, fear of rejection, sorrow.

Physical symptoms: noise in the ears, respiratory issues, asthma, skin diseases, digestion issues.

Small finger:

Organs: heart and small intestine.

Emotions: apprehensiveness, lack of self-appreciation, annoyance.

Physical symptoms: heart issues, sore throat, stomach inflating, issues with bones.

Source: www.naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com