Superfruits You Can Grow At Home


Blueberries usually grow as shrubs and their seeds can be found in many agricultural pharmacies. They are able to grow in different climates. It takes three years for the tree to become an adult and give enough fruit.


Raspberries are also very familiar super fruit and have quite fragile nature. Raspberries can grow at different temperatures and in different regions, in black or red variant. They are very rich in vitamin C, anthocyanines pigment, flavonoids and fiber. Raspberries grow on upright sticks.


Pomegranate happens not to be everyones favorite fruit. It is Irritable when they need to be cleaned, especially if you do not know how. Pomegranates grow on trees and come from Persia. Pomegranates are considered a super fruit because they contain huge amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, polyphenols and anthocyanines.




Blackberries are one of the most colored fruits and are very easy to plant. Blackberries are rich in sugars, vitamins, colored substances, pectin and mineral ingredients. Blackberries are easy to breed, and are already giving fruit in the second year.


Aronia is a fruit that deserved its attention but many of us have not heard of aronia yet. Perhaps this is because of its name. This fruit has a purple color and is rich in anthocyanines and other phytochemicals. It grows even on a less fertile soil and it is subjected to colder climates. The distance between two plants of aronia should be 2 meters. This plant can reach up to 1.5 meters in height.


There are several types of cranberry and its fruits are real vitamin bomb. Cranberry has flowers that are dark red/pink and its fruits and small pink berries with sour-like taste. Cranberries belong in the berry family and are very similar to blueberries. Cranberrys full grown fruits are actually red solid grains with sour taste.