5 Simple Tips for Healthy Skin


1. Wash Your Face at night– People skip this step all the time and it’s not good for your skin especially if you wear makeup. Before I head to bed, I always use a cleansing oil at night to remove my makeup.

2. Eat a healthy diet– What you put on the inside will show on the outside. That’s what my mom constantly preaches to me and it’s true. Consuming healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can help promote glowing skin.

3. Manage Stress– If you want healthy skin, you gotta have a healthy state of mind. When I’m starting to feel stressed out from work, I find ways to manage it like taking a yoga class or a relaxing hot bath.

4. Protect yourself from the sun– Sun protection is a must no matter the season. After washing my face, I always use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

5. Go makeup-free– In the past, I would normally wear makeup on a daily basis and less makeup during the warmer months. Lately, I stopped wearing it everyday because it does take a toll on your skin. So, I let it breathe once in a while.

Source: hotbeautyhealth.com