Annoying Symptoms of Menopause and How to Handle Them


  • menopauseHow to handle annoying mood swings associated with menopause

Allow yourself to have times that are rough and to own your feelings. Sometimes we stop and think that we are losing our minds, in the middle of an annoying crying spell from menopause and panic, because we dont want to be sad and miserable and other times we feel self conscious because everything is so funny to us even when the things are not funny at all. Give yourself permission to know that you are not insane and to have feelings.
Developing some new coping skills is a natural way to handle the mood swings of menopause. You can read and explore daily, go for short walks, use aromatherapy, socialize on the Internet and take relaxing baths. Coping with the different annoying mood swings and getting your mind off of menopause will help greatly. Lavender and chamomille are great for reducing moods.

  • How to handle annoying hot flashes associated with menopause
 Annoying hot flashes are likely to set in many women. We are sure that you know the moments where you would give anything to just take all of your clothes off and get your body cooled down. The annoying hot flashes are a problem because they often occur at bad places, like while standing in line at the grocery store and suddenly pouring with flush and sweat. Everyone around you give you the weird stares and you are feeling so embarrassed. When it comes to annoying hot flashes, many women can relate to this scenario.
Increasing your water consumption is one of the most natural methods for handling annoying hot flashes during menopause. Many times we do not consume the full eight glasses of water needed daily. Water will help reduce the number of annoying hot flashes and actually keep the body temperature more steady. A small amount of primrose oil and the recommended dosage of vitamin E are believed to also reduce annoying hot flashes.
  • Annoying vaginal dryness and menopause

Vaginal dryness is just another annoying symptom of menopause. As the amount of moisture in this area of the womans body decreases, so does the estrogen in the body. A natural way to help with this problem is to increase the amount of selenium, beta carotene and vitamin C by inserting them in your diet. You can get these from a nutritional supplement or the foods that you eat and use them to help out with the problem.